Monday, July 11, 2011

That's a NASCAR

D2's (my step dad) 65th birthday was on July 2. My sister and mom went in on some tickets to a NASCAR race for a gift for him. The race is not until October, but he was surprised with the tickets for his birthday and has something exciting to look forward to. He loves auto racing (as does D1, coincidentally).....and we know he is going to have a blast. We cannot be there with him, but we sent a check to my sister to help pay for the tickets. My sister suggested a NASCAR themed card so I headed over to Archiver's to their themed scrapbooking area (I LOVE the way that store is organized....totally right up my alley) and found these adorable checkered flags in the sports section. This little flag embelishment pack also had the number 9 in it but I am not sure of drivers and their numbers since I am not into auto racing, so I left the number off and put the sentiment over the area where the number would go so that it didn't look so bare. I used my Cricut to cut out this license plate frame to hold the sentiment. I also found some checkered patterned paper to tie everything together.

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