Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God by Kendall Ketchum

October 18, 2007


I know we have been having a rough time in this world. The kids are making fun of the famous people. I want the bad words out of the world because God thinks you're showing off. I feel like around the world that we are one big happy family. It doesn't matter if they are from another country, it's just that God wants all of us to get along. Why? Because God is father, He is our king, He is our master, He is Jesus. So, if you are lazy, don't sit there doing nothing. Get off of your bums and read a Bible, pray, and go to church. If you listen to rock, yelling is ok with God, but singing bad words is not ok with God. If you want to go to heaven, you have to go to church because He's telling you to go to church. If you want to know, look at the Bible because it knows everything like a dictionary. If you need help, pray, because God can heal people. So it is time to rise up to Jesus Christ so He can read our hearts, our minds, and our souls. Why? Because get a Bible and read Isaiah 40:11. He was born with a king, but not king Harod, Mary and Joseph had earned that gift because they had found favor with God. We call Him Jesus as we pray. Amen!

This was a hand-written essay that Kendall wrote on her own and showed me this afternoon.

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