Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October Update

Jay is working his tail off (as usual) and always makes me proud not only of his character and determination, but his commitment to the country and his position in the Air Force. I'm still getting used to the fact that he does not have a "normal" job. His job carries over very much into our personal lives and it's a sacrafice, but I do believe it's worth it. He has a job that matters to all of us, not just to our family and I'm so grateful for men like him who are willing to make such a sacrafice for the freedom of all Americans. Nicole is doing well in school and is playing on a volleyball team. Their team has not won many games yet, but she enjoys being on a team and being able to do something that she enjoys. I only wish she lived closer so that we could go to her games and see her in action! We are so excited for her to come and visit in November. She turns 10 this month, which is really difficult for me to grasp. I'm sure that is the case with all parents as they watch their little ones grow up. Kendall is in Junior High school and has made the transition beautifully. She works so hard with her studies and is becoming more socially active. She attended her first school dance a couple of weeks ago and is regularly attending youth group at our church. We are so proud of both of our girls! I am still enjoying my break from work and have spent the last few months doing work on the house, getting us more organized, volunteering at church, spending time with friends and getting caught up on some much needed rest. I'm looking for work right now and there isn't much out here, but I know that I will find just the right position when the time is right. In the meantime, we cut coupons and recycle bottles, stick to our budget and pray!

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