Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Tea at FCC

I've only been to one formal tea in my life and every time I think of it I have fond memories. I went with my dear friend Sandy Sturgill who passed away in December of 2004. She was so precious to me and she took me and several other women to Santa Monica to attend a tea for her daughter-in-law's birthday and we had a wonderful time. On Monday night, I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas Tea at First Christian Church. Apparently it's an annual event (for women only - as if the men would even care to attend if they were invited!) and each table has a hostess that provides all of the linens, dishware, cutlery, centerpieces, cream & sugar dishes, side table, coffee urn, water glasses, water pitcher, hot water urn, and optional gifts for all of the guests at her table. Each table had seating for 8 and the hostesses did an outstanding job! I was originally asked if I wanted to be a table hostess and after I saw the list of everything that I needed to bring and finished breathing into a brown paper bag, I respectfully declined. Carolyn (the women's ministry leader) invited me to attend as a guest and suggested that perhaps next year after I had seen what it was all about then maybe I can be a table hostess. I'm so glad I declined this year because I would not have been prepared to have such elaborate table decorations and my table would have paled in comparison! Now that I know what to expect, I can do some planning if I elect to be a hostess next year.
After we were seated, Carolyn got up and welcomed everyone and our male servers (they were so cute in their Christmas ties, most of them 60+ years old served us tea and little finger sandwiches, mini quiches, lemon tartlets, chocolate cream filled candies and raspberry cookies, and fruit kabobs. All of the food was very tiny and delicate and absolutely delicious! While we were finishing our tea several door prizes were handed out. I didn't win anything, but last year around Christmas I won several prizes so I figured it was someone else's turn! Plus, I came as a guest so I didn't pay for my ticket and I would have felt guilty walking away with a bunch of loot. So, I was happy to see all of the excited women go up for their prizes. The woman sitting next to me was about 7 months pregnant and she won a bunch of hair products and she lit up like a Christmas tree when her name was called!

After the door prizes were handed out, Deanna Ramsey came up and sang and shared her story. She was a true inspiration and had an amazing voice. She and her husband spent 3 months overseas hopping from base to base singing to the troops. Not only was she hilarious and mega talented and inspirational, but she is a spitting image of my sister-in-law Lisa and I felt like I was watching Lisa on stage all night! All in all the evening was wonderful and I'm really glad I went. Next year maybe, just maybe I will be a table hostess. We'll see....

Look at the resemblance!

Deanna Ramsey -------------------------------------Lisa Ludington

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