Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Tradition

A couple of years ago, as a joke I bought Jay a Dale Earnhart car hood ornament for Christmas. We had so many laughs over the way that people were still imortalizing the driver after his passing (I'm sure he was a wonderful man) that when I saw the ornament, I just had to get it for Jay. We still laugh every time we put the ornament on the tree that we decided to start a new tradition this year of getting each other the tackiest or funniest ornament we can find. Eventually we'll have to get a second tree for all of our crazy ornaments, but for now, the ornaments are resting on our otherwise lovely and touching tree.

Jay was so excited over the ornament he got me this year. He actually bought me a collector's edition and was so anxious for me to open it that on Sunday we were watching A Christmas Story and enjoying a warm fire and he wanted to open the ornaments early. I laughed so hard when I opened the ornament, it was just perfect! He got me a Hallmark Collector's Edition of Mr. Spock that he bought on Ebay from a collector. He definitely beat me this year, I got him a tacky cow ornament and although it's not as creative, it still fits the bill! I am going to have to start early next year on finding just the right thing.

We're both glad we started the tradition. It gives us something really fun to look forward to each year and one of the most beautiful parts of our relationship is our ability to laugh together. Ok, sometimes at each other also, but marriage is supposed to be fun!

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