Friday, December 14, 2007

I Lied

Remember when I said it's better to give than to receive? That was HOURS ago and I've changed my mind. Kendall gave me her Christmas present to me this evening, since she's leaving for Kansas tomorrow morning and I absolutly LOVE her gift and I had to share. One thing I did not lie about, is that the best gift comes from the heart and hers definitely did. I immediately started crying when I read the words in the poem she framed for me.

Cheerful, brainy, fair and loving
You are my beautiful step-mom
Lover of Jay, Nicole, and me
Who feels sad, happy and angry
Who finds happiness in my grades, my chores and doing what I am told
Who needs love, support, and being a mom
Who gives answers, help, and excellent ideas
Who fears snakes, lizards, and spiders
Who would like to see Wicked, 12 Stones, and Nicole
Who enjoys the Bee movie, Cars, and Bill Cosby
Who likes to wear sandals, shirts, and pants
Who makes me feel special, happy, and thoughtful
Shannon, you have been the best mother because God said that you are a loveable child
Your loving daughter,
I am blessed....enough said.


  1. I don't even know what to type. All three of your last posts made me cry...

  2. OMG! Do you serve tissues with your blogs? The poem from Kendall is so touching and precious. Your family is such a beautiful thing that God put together. I miss you all so much.



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