Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19th

For whatever reason, turning 37 was much, much harder than turning 36 for me. Maybe it's because at 36 I can still get away with classifying my age as mid-thirties and perhaps at 37 I can still classify my age that way, but next year, that's all over, I am staring late thirties right in the face. Admittedly, my thirties have been way better than my twenties and getting older certainly beats the alternative, but the problem is that I don't feel like a 37 year old woman and I don't lik the wrinkles that are forming around my eyes. I don't like that half of the males in my graduating class are balding and that not one of us can get away with our "natural" hair color unless we like having table seasonings on our head. But, one good thing about having a birthday is getting showered with love and having lots of excuses to celebrate.

I woke up this morning to a phone call from my Mom from the Ontario airport. She was getting raedy to board her flight and called to wish me a Happy Birthday. After I got off the phone with her, Jay and Kendall sang to me and I could feel their love in every note. The next phone call was from Susan (& Cooper!), my "other" sister. Then, Dad & Val got to our house around noon and we all walked over to Chef Rick's for an amazing lunch. If you have never been to Chef Rick's, it is worth the drive - no matter where you are coming from. I joked with Dad & Val that they will be coming up frequently to go to Chef Rick's and will be calling to say that they'd like to stop by while they are in town. The place is that good! We had a lovely lunch and the waitress brought me a piece of cake (just what I needed) on a plate with "Happy Birthday Shannon" written in chocolate. Apparently, my clever husband gave them my name when he made the reservations so I had no idea they even knew it was a special occassion. And, once again I got a free piece of cake with no singing! After lunch we came back to the house and opened presents. Dad & Val got me a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely cologne and an Old Navy gift card and some Cookie Lee jewelry. I opened the UPS package from the Bunns and they sent me a beautiful "I'm so happy to have you as my sister" candle holder and a card that brought tears to my eyes. Kendall & Nicole got me "A Walk to Remember" on DVD, and Jay got me an XM radio complete with car kit and docking station for my new office. I am spoiled indeed!

After Dad & Val left, I got calls from Kiml, Sandi, Carrie and my Mom again and a bunch of wonderful Myspace messages wishing me a wonderful day.

I feel so completely and totally loved and after a day like today, I guess I can accept that another birthday will be on its way in 364 more days.

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