Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Work for the Best Company!

After I left Surfware I thought I would never again work for a company that I believe in as deeply or that treated me as wonderfully. Well, never underestimate God! I should know better by now, but I am human and I still let fear and doubt creep in. It took me many months to find this job and I knew right away that this was a wonderful company instictively felt like I would be a good fit and would enjoy working there, but during the first couple of months things were a little rocky. It had nothing to do with the firm or even the people there, but I was struggling trying to learn so much during the height of tax season and felt inadequate (don't we all at times) and like I could not measure up. I came home many nights and cried, but I persevered and things got easier. I got to know the employees and the Clients and things started clicking for me and I was making less mistakes and coming into my own. Instead of hearing "where's Eva" (the former receptionist) each time I answered the phone, Clients began to compliment me and tell me that are so glad to hear my voice when they call and I was constantly receiving encouragement. Every week the Partners hold what they call a "stand-up" meeting and they update all of the staff on what's going on with the firm, give us the latest stats, and focus on an important topic, like integrity and responsiveness. Their value system matches mine so perfectly, I am constantly reminded I am in the right place. As if all of this wasn't enough, on Friday we had what is called a "report-out" meeting. The Partners wanted to fill us in on the results from all of the tax season debriefing meetings and the Partner retreat. They shared with us some of the things they are looking in for the future and told us how important the staff is to the firm and how much they appreciate us. I was so touched and then they did something I never would have expected. They told us that they understand how the increasing gas prices are affecting each of us and they are looking into alternative schedules, opportunities for people to work at home, and they told us that they are going to give us each an auto allowance to help us in the interim. They will base it on the distance each of us travels to and from work and I have no idea how much it will be, nor do I honestly care. I am just so incredibly honored to work for people that care enough about their staff to help us out at the pump. It's not their fault that gas prices are increasing, nor is it really their problem, but they want to help and that means so much to me. I am literally beaming with pride that I get to work for such a wonderful team of people and things like this motivate me more than ever to give my best and work hard and be an asset to the firm. I made this card to give to the Partners to thank them. I stole the idea from Pam to make the corner pieces by using the 5 petal flower punch and I think it turned out really cute!

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  1. How awesome!!! Sounds like they truely care about everyone!



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