Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nancy's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was Nancy's bridal shower. Cari & Kristy threw a beautiful shower at Cari's house in Newbury Park. Nancy looked amazing (when doesn't she!) and everything turned out really well. Jay was working and Nicole was at a slumber party from the night before and decided to extend her stay, so Kendall and I went by ourselves. We didn't hit any traffic on the way there and only had to make one stop for gas. My Mapquest directions were perfect and we didn't even get lost! There was lots of socializing, followed by lunch (croissant sandwiches, broccoli salad, caesar salad, fresh fruit, veggies and dip, tortilla chips and guacamole, cheese and salami and crackers) and then the games began! The first game was "how well do you know Nancy" and I thought I knew her soooooooooo well and was shocked at how many answers I got wrong! I must keep better track of the things she tells me. Berkeley and Brian's mom were tied for first place and Berkeley won the prize. I should hope she knows her Mommy. The next game was a guessing game, we had to guess how many plain M&M's were in the jar. After the games were over, Nancy opened her presents and we enjoyed the gorgeous cake that Sue ordered from Albertson's. Nancy got lots of sexy nighties for her honeymoon and just about all of their glasses, a nice steamer, sheets, a wine decanter, and all kinds of wonderful things to start her new life as Mrs. Reitz! I am so happy for Nancy, she has always been such a good friend to me and no one deserves happiness more than she does. Maybe equally, but not more!!!!

The beautiful cake

Nancy & Berkeley

Kendall & Ben

Nancy & I

Stac & Nancy & I

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