Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Ashton

On Saturday I drove down to the Antar's and finally got to meet baby Ashton. Well, when I say I got to meet him, what I mean is that I got to hold him while I watched him sleep for several hours. He is definitely a good sleeper but boy is he cuddly and he sure smells good! He has his big brother's lips and is just as sweet as can be. Everyone is doing really well. Kim is recovering and getting her strength back and Ron is back at work and Aiden is adjusting beautifully to having a new baby brother at home. It was so good to see them and get an opportunity to visit and catch up. We got a couple of new outfits for Ashton as his welcome to the world gift and I just know he is going to look so handsome in them!

The littlest Antar

Aiden loving on his little brother

The card I made for baby Ashton



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