Sunday, July 20, 2008

Creative Organizing - Stamping/Scrapbooking Supplies

Ok, I can't take full credit for the creative part of my stamping & scrapbooking organization scheme. I found these wonderful storage bins at Costco (I love bins!) and finally was able to find a way to organize all of my supplies with room to grow! I don't have a craft room in my house, nor do I want to clutter a corner in the living room for me to do my stamping and scrapbooking, so I needed to be able to organize my supplies so that I can easily move them from the closet to the dining room table and for them to be stackable so that I don't take up the entire tabletop with supplies and leave no room for me to work. These bins work perfectly! I can store stamps in two bins (and even categorize my "loose" stamps in smaller bins), store my punches and other tools in another bin, keep all of my scissors together, inks together, and even have smaller compartments for buttons, brads, etc. I have been looking for months and months and was very excited to find these little gems.

I also made some new cards but I am going to wait to post them until I have given them away ;).

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