Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nancy's off the Market

Last Saturday, Jay and I went to Nancy and Brian's wedding. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding. They had both the wedding and the reception at the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Newbury Park. I didn't even know that they had facilities for weddings there. It was a great setting. Nancy & Brian did an amazing job with the planning (of course!) They had a rock and roll theme with red, white and black decorations. Brian was wearing a very cool zoot suit and the bridesmaids looked like pin-up girls.
Scott (brother) and Toni (mother of the bride)

Brian with his Parents (Bill & Sue)
Nancy looked radiant (of course) and completely glowed. She bought her dress off the rack, but had it customized and she looked stunning. She walked down the aisle with Doug (her father) and Berkeley (her daughter) and everyone gasped as they started coming toward Brian (who was welling up with tears).

Nancy's brother Scott was the officiant and he did a great job. Nancy and Brian both held it together very well and they presented Berkeley with a heart-shaped necklace and included her in the ceremony. She was beaming as well and just loves her new step father.

First dance
Me and my Pal

Staci & Dom
Scott, Willow and Alison (our first time meeting Willow, she is so precious)
Doug & Toni
You know these folks
Paul, JoAnna and Griffin (our first time meeting Griffin, he's a looker!)
They had personalized wine bottles, I thought they were so beautiful
These were the favors, they were little gazebos filled with candies

Nancy's Mom decorated the cake. We didn't get a piece but it was gorgeous!

And they will live happily ever after.....

The beginning

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