Sunday, October 11, 2009

MAC Prep & Prime

I'm starting a new feature on my blog to showcase a few of my favorite things. I love reading reviews of products by other bloggers and although this blog is not designed as an advertising mechanism, I want to share some tried and true products that I have found work for me. Yes, yes, I realize you can pick up Glamour's annual product review guide for beauty products, but I'm not going to focus strictly on beauty products. I might share a kitchen tool or gadget or shoe....the possibilities are endless.

Today, I am starting with a beauty product. This is MAC's Prep and Prime Eye cream. I have been using this cream for about 4 years now and I just love it. I don't know about all women, but I end up with a crease in my eye shadow at some point in the day. It might be in the afternoon on a hot, summer day, or at the end of a very long work day. It is inevitable that at some point, the crease will magically appear. This cream does not eliminate the crease all together, but it helps prolong the inevitable. The main thing I love about this cream is that it helps to apply eye shadow extremely smoothly. It provides a base to the lid so that anything that is added on top of the base will go on smoothly and gives an extra polished look. One jar will last a good year, and it travels really well.

Tip - for those of you that don't know, save all of your MAC packaging. When you have accumulated 6 empty containers (used to be 5 but whatever), you can turn them all in to your local MAC store or MAC counter at a department store and they will give you a free lipstick of your choice! I would recycle the packaging anyway, but I'm not going to turn down a free lipstick!

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