Sunday, September 7, 2008

Christmas in September

On Friday afternoon, Jay and I arrived in the driveway at exactly the same time. That never happens! As he was unloading the truck, he held up a J Crew bag and said that he had a surprise for me. I looked inside the bag and it was filled with all kinds of stamping products! My friend Leslie, who is married to one of the guys in Jay's squadron is not working right now and is therefore cleaning out closets and came across a ton of stamping stuff that she has never used and will never use. She gave me 6 brand-new Stampin' Up stamp sets (and none of them were duplicates of what I already have) and a Stampin Around tool with 3 stamp wheels and 3 cartridges, 3 ink pads and a set of Stampin' Spots, some ribbon and brads and some paper. I was so surprised and so excited! I am going to be making Leslie a very special thank you card :).

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