Monday, September 8, 2008

My New Craft "Corner"

Since we don't have any extra bedrooms, I am not able to have a craft room. I was getting tired of lugging all of my storage bins to and from the dining room and clearing the dining room table and setting up a stamping/cardmaking area and then having to clear it up and put everything away when I finished making a single card (since I don't have time to make two at a time!) I decided I needed an interim solution so I went to Costco tonight. I LOVE Costco! For $90 I was able to get all the materials I needed to set up my own crafting corner and Jay gave me permission to put it in the living room. The lighting is good and I can pop in a movie or stamp while Jay is watching football. It's going to enable me to have everything readily available and make it much easier to sit down and make a quick card without having to set up and tear down after every endeavor. I am VERY excited! Or, as Chrissi used to say not long ago....I'm so ex-kited!!!!

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