Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a Few Cards

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. We've been busy just keeping up with life! The weekdays just fly by with work, homework, Bible study, cooking, cleaning, and laundry and then the weekends we spend getting caught up! We did go to the base last night and had dinner and went bowling. They have Cosmic bowling on Saturday nights and we needed some affordable family time so we went over to the base bowling alley and had dinner at their little cafe and then played 3 games. On Saturday nights, it's one price for unlimited bowling and after 3 games our arms were all tuckered out, but we had a great time together.

Here are a few cards I've made recently. Making cards is my new downtime relaxing activity of choice. Not only do I get to be creative, but I get to make cards for people that I love and then send them a little piece of my heart in the mail. Since I have my new little crafting area set up, I find that I wander over much more often to sit and make a quick card.

Here's a card I made for my friend Nancy, who's having a baby

A housewarming card I made for my Mom & D2 - I am still getting used to working with the Prisma colored pencils so I'm not thrilled with it, but what can I say? I'm a work in progress!

A birthday card I made for my sister. When I finished it, it made me think of her, so I knew it was the right card for the right person.

A get well card for my Aunt Kelli who has been through a lot both physically and emotionally. I know a card can't heal all her wounds, but at least whenever she looks at it she will know how much she is loved.

I must have been living under a rock, because I just discovered Tuesday Morning! A friend from Bunco told me about it, because I've been searching for some little ceramic chef's for our French Bistro theme in the kitchen. It's taking forever to decorate because I can't seem to find what I'm looking for and Jennifer suggested I try Tuesday Morning. I went last Sunday and did not find any little chef's, but they have some beautiful and VERY affordable decorations. I will be checking back often! I did find this cute little tin bucket for my crafting area to hold my markers and blender pens for only $5.99. I think I am going to be a regular browser from now on!


  1. I just LOVE all your cards! You should sell personalized cards on e-bay.

  2. Ah, you are so sweet! Maybe I will do that when I get better. Right now, I just love making them for friends and family :).



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