Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Decorations Are Up

Since Jay is studying for his Master's final (which he takes on Thursday, keep him in your prayers), I don't think we'll be putting up any outside decorations this year. We normally have Marcus the Carcus in the front yard, along with a tombstone and some black flowers and last year we bought a light-up spider web. Nothing spectacular, but just a few things because we love to decorate! I don't have much for the inside either, but I put everything out on Friday. I got a couple of new inexpensive items from Michael's this year. We like to get one new decoration every year for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We're always gone on Halloween anyway, but it's just fun to put out different decorations and make the house look festive. Nothing too scary though!!!!

I got this cute realty sign at Michael's for like $4 this year

I got this foam kit for Kendall last year, she made this cute pirate "castle" and it actually made it the entire year up in the attic!

This is the other decoration I got at Michael's, I think this one cost around $5

This is a candy dish I got at Kohl's (for 65% off) - I love it because we can keep it up for Thanksgiving also!

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