Friday, May 29, 2009

Kendall's Graduation Party

Kendall is graduating from 8th grade this year (which is very hard to believe) and unfortunately, is going to miss her graduation ceremony at school. We have to leave on the 5th in order to get to Colorado on the 7th so that Jay can start his new job on the 8th. We feel just terrible about it, but some things are just beyond your control.
Since Kendall will miss the last week of school (including collecting yearbook signatures, graduation and the 8th grade trip), she asked if she could have a graduation party. The only night we could do it was last Friday night and a lot of her friends had plans for the extended weekend, but she had a few close friends over for some snacks (chips and Ranch dip and guacamole and pizza bagel bites) and build-your-own ice cream sundaes. We weren't able to do anything extravegant with everything we have going on right now and the expenses piling up, but we wanted to at least do a little something. Since she and her friends are into their own things, I didn't plan any games or any events, I figured they would just rather "hang out." So, they ran around the yard, listened to music, watched Beauty and the Beast from the school play and played Charades. All in all, they had a great time together and Kendall got some quality time with the special friends she made at Lakeview.


  1. How awesome that she got to have some of her friends over!

  2. i Shannon just stopping by to ay I am thinking of you this week! Take a deep breath and ehale, then let it all happen "just like it is supposed to" Hugs~Donna



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