Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Away Party at the Antars

Hello friends! I am finally getting around to updating our blog with some photos and events from the last couple of months. As most of you know, we moved from CA to CO at the beginning of June. It was a very fast turn of events. Jay got word on April 5th that he was accepted for a position in Colorado Springs and we were all packed up and on the road by June 5th. Having a moving company pack us up and move us helped the process along, but I am still in awe of how much has happened in the last couple of months. It's amazing!
After I got back from my trip to Virginia to visit my family, I drove to Camarillo from LAX and stayed the night at Susan's and then on Sunday, Susan took me to a wonderful farewell breakfast at Eggs and Things (my absolute favorite place for breakfast) and then I met Jay and Kendall at our dear friend Kim and Ron's for a going away party. It was sort of an open house forum, where people were free to come and go as their schedules allowed and Kim made some yummy munchies and had cold drinks set out for us. It was so wonderful to spend some time with our dear friends and share some memories before we started off on our adventure.
Thank you again to Kim and Ron for throwing such a wonderful party for us and thank you to everyone that was able to make it. We sure enjoyed seeing all of you!
Here we are with Ron, Kim, Ashton and Aiden. We love them so much!
Nancy and Berkeley and Nelson - we were so happy to get a chance to meet Nelson before we left!
Here we are with Dad and Valerie

Staci and Dom and Ben and Sam - our favorite little people! Ok, Dom isn't little, but he fits in perfectly with the family.

With Kim's parents Mel and Jerry. They are so special to us.

The "kids"

Staci schmoozing on Nelson

Why is it that all babies smell so good?

Steph and Rayetta, just a couple of the amazing, wonderful friends I made at Surfware. I miss working with you girls!

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  1. How nice! Glad that you were able to have such a nice memory before you left!



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