Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Move

I realize this is a very late post, since we've been here for over a month, but still wanted to share some photos from our journey. It's been such an amazing experience, and we have created a LOT of lasting memories. Even though there have certainly been moments of stress, I think this move has brought us all closer together. There is something about starting out in completely unfamiliar territory and facing your fears together and tackling the unknown that bonds you in a way that you couldn't obtain under "normal" circumstances. I have no doubt that this is where God wants us to be. It's still scary at times, but I am so certain that we belong here that I can hold onto that knowledge so deep within me and that helps sustain me during the more trying times.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that Jay and I volunteered in the coffee shop at our church in Santa Maria. We loved serving in the coffee shop! We met so many wonderful friends and learned the ropes and had so much fun serving together. Here's a shot of the sitting area. Isn't it adorable?

My dear, special, wonderful friend Pam who runs the coffee shop and taught us all we know

Since we had to leave before Kendall's official last day of school, her teacher and principal and vice principal through a graduation party in her honor. Several of her closest friends got to leave class early to attend and Jay and Nicole and I were able to be there. She also got her yearbook a few days early so that she could get signatures and take it with her. We love her school!

The principal presenting Kendall with her diploma

The vice principal talking about what an outstanding student Kendall was and what a joy she was to have in class

Since we didn't have a motorcycle ramp, we went to the Harley dealership and one of the service guys helped Jay load the bike in the back of his truck. The guy's hat says, "crashing sucks" - I got a kick out of that

The enormous moving truck in front of our house. Don't worry, our stuff did not nearly fill up that beast. They had 3 households on the truck before they started the deliveries.

We stayed at the historic Santa Maria Inn for a couple of nights after our house had been packed up. These are just a few of the guests that have stayed in the hotel. I found out during our stay that Marilyn Monroe (when she was Norma Jean) attended elementary school in Santa Maria!

Outside the restroom in our room

The seating area

The old fashioned phone booth near the banquet room in the hotel

The outside of the Santa Maria Inn

This is what our load looked like. The Harley is on the back of Jay's truck, followed by a trailer towing my car, which was filled to the top with luggage and boxes we of belongings we wanted to move ourselves. Not that we didn't trust the movers or anything.....

We stopped to see my brother and Lisa on the way. Unfortunately, Lisa wasn't able to join us but we had a great time having dinner with Jeff. It was so good to see you bro!

We stopped at Baker and took this photo in front of the only existing Bob's Big Boy that I know of. We had already had dinner, but I wanted to stop for a photo anyway. We used to have a BBB in Camarillo and I remember going there on Friday nights after football games. Lots of good memories!

We had to stop at the Oasis in Vegas for lunch because that's where we stopped with Mom and D2 when we were driving with them in the motorhome on their way to Virginia. Unfortunately, they are closing the resort down and they are no longer serving in the restaurants. Kind of sad, only because of the memory.

Some of the scenery we enjoyed on the drive

We stopped at a restaurant along the way (don't ask me where it was) and I had to take this photo. On the plate it says, "Punkin Growers" which I got a kick out of, since Chrissi has been Auntie Shannon's Punkin since the day she was born. Now she can see where she really came from :) It was from the Punkin Growers!!!!

Can you believe how beautiful this is?

Just a typical day in Colorado

We stopped at this Wendy's in Dillon and I am not kidding you, it started snowing on us. June 5th and it was snowing. We could not believe it.

Almost there!!!

We stopped at our new house on the Sunday that we arrived. Our landlords were still in the house, but Jay wanted to introduce the girls and I to them and Pat wanted to show Jay all the nuances of the house. They are such a nice family.

We stayed in temporary housing on the base before our things arrived and we came back to the base after an outing to find piles of hail all over the ground. Welcome to Colorado!

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