Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Biker Babe in the Family

We were unable to find the Halloween store in Santa Maria this year, and since finances were a bit tight anyway, Kendall got creative with her costume. She decided to be a "biker chick" so she borrowed Jay's leather vest and I got her some temporary tattoos from the Harley Davidson store and we put a bandanna on her head. She looked absolutely adorable and played the part perfectly. She is such a Daddy's girl! I'm hoping to get some pictures of Nicole in her costume from her Mom. I will post them if I'm able to get them into my hot little hands!

We had a really good Halloween night. We went to the Harvest festival at church and all volunteered to help with games. Kendall helped with the maze in the youth room and Jay and I did some games in the preschool area. The little ones are so adorable! We saw bumble bees and ironmen and spidermen and butterflies and cows and cowboys and policemen and firemen and some of the sweetest little faces! We got home late and only got a couple of trick or treaters but it was a really fun evening and we always enjoy serving together.

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  1. Love the biker chick costume!! I think that the improvised/homemade costumes are the best know that no one is going to have exactly the same costume! Very cute, Kendall! (I mean...tough, very tough!) ;)



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