Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. My Dad and Valerie arrived at around 12:30 and were here until around 7:30. We had a wonderful day together. Everyone pitched in to help make our meal and everything turned out great! After dinner we played a few rounds of Catch Phrase and then had some pie and got everything all cleaned up. We missed being with the rest of our families, but having such a small, intimate group made it easier to visit. Jay and my Dad were outside for a good part of the afternoon looking at the new truck and Jay took both Dad and Val out for a little test spin. We're all stuffed and tired, but very thankful for the many blessings in our lives, not the least of which is the readers of this blog - our friends and family. Thank you all for the difference you have made to each of us. We wish you and your families a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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