Saturday, November 1, 2008

Congratulations Jay!

Jay has been working to complete his Master's degree for several years now. A week ago Thursday, he had to take a comprehensive final exam to complete his degree. He had to pour over all of the material from every single course and be prepared to answer any question that was asked. He was not given any details as to what would be asked on the exam and had 6 hours to answer 4 questions (worth 2 points each.) Each question was in essay form and required 3 pages so essentially, he had to write 4 short papers on information he could only hope he was prepared for. We went out for dinner last Saturday night to celebrate because I was so confident that he would pass that I didn't think we needed to wait. Today we received the news that he passed!!!! He now has a Master's Degree in Space Studies. He should be receiving his degree by November 15th. I am so proud of him. Not only for this incredible feat, but for who he is and all he does. He has managed to work an extremely stressful job, keep up with helping around the house, study for this incredibly challenging exam, and be an attentive father and husband. He is not only a rocket scientist, but a superhero. Well, he's my superhero, anyway :). Please congratulate him with me.

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  1. Congratulations, Jay!! Wow, now I can tell everyone that I know a real-life Rocket Scientist! :)



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