Thursday, November 27, 2008

Knott's '08

Last weekend we went to Knott's for our annual trip. Every November, Knott's Berry Farm offers a very generous military discount and Jay and the girls have been taking advantage of it for the last 8 years and I have been lucky enough to have gone with them for the last 5 years. Jay and one guest get in for free and additional tickets are only $15/each. Additionally, we get a great deal at the Knott's hotel.

We picked up Nicole from LAX on Friday night and then drove down to the Knott's hotel and got up bright and early on Saturday morning and went to the breakfast buffet in the hotel where we got to see Snoopy (he goes to the restaurant every morning before he heads over to the park). We got to the park just a few minutes after it opened (unfortunately, we missed the national anthem but we made it there for it on Sunday.) The lines were short in the morning and early afternoon but it started to get busy later in the day. Even with the lines, we didn't have to wait more than 30 minutes for any single ride. Unfortunately, my cold was still giving me trouble and my ears were plugged, which threw off my equilibrium so on Saturday, I wasn't able to ride very many rides. We started off with Sidewinder, which is a spinning roller coaster and that pretty much ruined me for the day so I just rode the log ride and rapids but I still had fun. I waited in line with Jay and the girls and took pictures and enjoyed being together. I went back to the room at around 6:00 to rest up for the next day. Jay and the girls got back to the room at around 9:30 with Mrs. Knott's chicken to go and we ate dinner and watched Twister on TV and got to bed early for the next day.

Sunday I was feeling much better so I was able to ride some roller coasters and Kendall rode her first upside down roller coaster!!!! We did not push her, it was completely her decision. She rode The Excelerator and absolutely loved it. She loved it so much that we rode it again later in the afternoon. The weather was really nice and the lines were even shorter than Saturday. We had our usual lunch at TGI Friday's and left the park around 6:00 to head home. The new truck rode great for us and we had a wonderful vacation together. We wished our little Bunnies could have been with us, but it was a great time for the Ketchums. Someday when we move, we are all really going to miss that tradition.

At the Knott's hotel getting ready to have breakfast
The star of Knott's

The Mexican hats - a ride you will never catch Shannon on!

Getting ready to get wet! I rode the rapids with them on Saturday but Sunday was a little colder so I decided to be the photographer instead

Waiting in line for the Pony Express

This was Saturday when I couldn't ride anything. I rode the swings on Sunday though. we always have a blast on that ride!

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