Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas '08

Since Nicole is with us and is leaving tomorrow, we went ahead and put up the Christmas decorations and the tree last night so that she could participate. Plus, it's nice to have the house decorated for Thanksgiving. So, after a late lunch yesterday afternoon, we came home and put up the Christmas tree and all of the inside decorations. The outside will have to wait about a week or so, but it's nice and festive inside the house. We listened to Faith Hill's new Christmas CD (great, by the way!) and Jay and the girls worked on the tree while I put all of the other decorations out. We also put out some pine scented oil so that it smelled like Christmas.

While we were working, we had a major flash flood outside and water started coming into the house, so the girls ran into the laundry room and grabbed all of the towels and we piled them up against the sliding glass door to stop the water from flooding the living room. When we got up this morning, all of the towels were completely soaked. We told Nicole that we try to make sure we have plenty of excitement while she's here so that she has plenty of stories to tell when she gets back to Kansas. These little disasters are a nuisance, but they create lasting memories :).

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  1. Beautiful decorations! Who knew you would have a mini flood?! lol Knotts looks fun too. I miss it. :(



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