Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Little Monkey

In my last post, I mentioned all of the adorable safari products I have been finding at Michael's, using my 50% off coupons. Last night I found some super cute brads to add to my collection and was having one of my exceptionally inspirational nights. Don't you just love it when the creativity is flowing? I am definitely more creative at night for some reason. That is just my make-up. In the morning I am better at being productive. I clean better in the morning, am better at getting organized, paying bills, anything using activity or the logical part of my brain. At night (usually after 9:00 is when it really kicks in) I am more creative. Kendall is with her mom in Kansas for Spring Break right now, so it's just Jay and I. He was in the office cleaning out his filing cabinet and playing online poker last night, so I plopped down in my craft corner and watched Jerry Maguire and made this adorable card for my niece's birthday. I am definitely not one to brag or to toot my own horn, but I really love this card. I give credit where credit is due - these products are AMAZING, but I am really pleased with the way that it turned out. It's fun and I just love the animal prints. I really hope she likes it. I will list the products on SCS in my gallery.

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