Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing Christopher Lee

On July 19th, Jay's brother Eric and his wife Mindy welcomed Christopher Lee into the world. Both mommy and baby are healthy and doing extremely well.

We were able to drive out on Christopher's one week birthday and meet him face to face. He smells wonderful and is so very, very cuddly. He's also very squeaky. Every time I held him he would fall asleep and then start making these adorable little squeaking noises. He didn't make them when anyone else held him. He must have just felt so comfortable in my arms that he could truly be himself without fear of judgement ;).

Christopher's big brother Jason is adjusting well so far to the changes in his family. We brought him a big brother present and gave him lots of love and attention so he knows that just because he has to share now, doesn't mean there isn't enough love to go around.

Squeak! Squeak!

Jay's more used to holding little girls!

Are these not the cutest footsies?

He's WAY cuter in person, just doesn't like that flash of the camera!

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