Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kendall Starts 9th Grade

Monday was the first day of school here. It's a bit earlier than in California, but the kids get out in the middle of May here, so they go back earlier. Poor Kendall got kind of short-changed this year, having gone to school in California last year and then having to go back early here, but she will get out in May next year.

She was understandably nervous, it being her first day at a new school, and starting off into the world of High School (gasp!) We picked her up on Saturday from her mom and spent the day on Sunday with Jay's family so that was a good distraction for her. We got home and got to bed nice and early. Another change for her (as if there wasn't enough already) is that school starts at 7:10 at her school. She started at 9:00 back in California, so we have to make sure that we adhere to a consistent bed time so that she can get enough rest.

Jay took the day off on Monday, so we both got up with her to wish her well on her first day of school and Jay walked her to the bus stop. Ok, not too the bus stop, but close to the bus stop. As close as he could before Kendall saw some other kids and told him it was time to leave. He did get a chance to pray with her before saying goodbye and he sent her off.

Her first day of school went really well. She made two friends and was finding her way around just fine. The first day there were only freshmen there and they got a tour of the school and had assemblies for the first part of the day. After school, we picked her up and took her to her ortho appointment. Nothing like hitting the ground running! She had a painful appointment because it had been two months, but she was a champ and held her head high and tried not to complain. After her appointment, Jay had to get a hair cut and then we suprised Kendall and went to Verizon and upgraded her cell phone. She had an older model that she had been using for two years, with little complaint. We decided that since she's in HS now and is using her phone to keep in touch with her friends, she deserved to get a new phone with a full keyboard so that she can text her little heart out. She's also welcome to use the phone, of course, but that is just not nearly as cool!

So, our little doll is now in High School and is thriving. She's come home every day with a smile on her face. Even yesterday, when she got a little lost - in the rain - coming home from the bus stop. She was still smiling. I hope this year is her best yet!

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