Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Years of Wedded Bliss!

On Wednesday, Jay and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's already been 3 years. My loving husband came home with a beautiful flower arrangement for me and we got changed and went to Alex Madonna's Steakhouse at the Madonna Inn for a wonderful dinner. For our first wedding anniversary, we went to the Madonna Inn for dinner and spent the night in one of the theme rooms. I had always wanted to stay there and my Grandparents used to go for their wedding anniversary so we thought it would be a special way to celebrate our first year of marriage. We liked it so much that we went back last year and again this year and it's now become a tradition. The wait staff is so nice and they bring us a Happy Anniversary balloon that hangs from our table and we get seated in one of the cozy pink booths and the food is absolutely amazing (I always have the halibut and Jay always has the bacon-wrapped fillet) and they also end our meal with a scrumptious piece of complimentary cake. If you have ever been to the Madonna Inn, you KNOW how amazing their cake is! The entire hotel is decorated to the hilt for Christmas and they always have a live band playing Christmas music in the bar located right next to the restaurant and this year we were seated right next to them so we had some wonderful music to accompany our great conversation.

We decided to bring our gifts with us to the restaurant this year. I will post photos of them later, the one I took at the restaurant of the gift that Jay bought me did not do it justice. We always follow the standard anniversary gifts and this year the modern was glass or crystal and the traditional was leather. Jay gave me this gorgeous glass candle cube that holds lamp fuel and is engraved with two wedding bands with our names on it and our wedding date. I did not find something as romantic and went with leather. Since he just got a new truck, I bought him a leather case that came with a flashlight and pen and tire gauge for him to keep all of his important papers, maps, etc. stored. It's debossed with his initials and I thought he would be something he would like (and he did!)

The best part was the cards. I cried (of course!) when I read Jay's words to me. I'm still amazed every day that of all the women in the world, this amazing man wants to be with me! I have heard that marriage takes work and to a degree, that is very true, but one thing that does not take work is loving my husband. Loving him comes automatically, like breathing, hunger, fatigue. I don't have to write on a Post-It note or send myself a task reminder or repeat words to myself over and over, "Love Jay today." I do have to make the effort to show him my love, but loving him comes easily to me. I have no doubt that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I am married to a man that is kind, funny, romantic, thoughtful, loyal, hard working, a good provider, an incredible father, ridiculously handsome and deserving of so much more than I can give him. But, some gifts you accept whether you deserve them or not, and Jay's love is one of those gifts. I know that we will have times of trial in our lives and no, we don't agree on everything and sure, we disappoint each other and get frustrated with one another, but there is no one on earth I would rather spend my life with than Jay Ketchum and I thank God for him, and the girls every single day.

The arrangement Jay surprised me with. The roses are so perfect!

Our waitor took this photo for us

The incredible cake!

I don't remember the carrollers last year, I think they had deer last year in this spot.

Right out in front of the restaurant entrance they had thousands of Poinsettas

The End (of our evening....just the beginning of our lives together)

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