Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread Men

Tomorrow Alicia (Jay's co-worker) is having a cookie exchange and movie party. I was going to make Mexican wedding cakes because they are easy and they are always a hit, but I decided to take a stab at making gingerbread cookies, since it's something I've never done before. I went on to and downloaded a recipe from Paula Dean (and it only has ONE stick of butter in it!) and set up to bake some little gingerbread men. I only had one cookie cutter, so there were no gingerbread women, but they turned out pretty cute. I need some more practice to get the decorating down, but I think everyone will like them and I enjoyed trying something new.


  1. Not my gum drop buttons. Sorry I cant see a gingerbread man without a movie montague.

  2. Those are so cute!



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