Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kendall's 14th Birthday

Yesterday was Kendall's 14th birthday. Can you believe that? I sure can't. When I met the girls, Kendall was only 9 years old and Nicole was 6. My how they have changed. They went from being little girls, to young ladies in a very short amount of time. Kendall has become so much more independent and social and when I came home from work last night, she had voluntarily (those of you that know her know this is a big deal) put on lip gloss. I don't think Jay cared for it very much, but I was happy to see her "girly" side coming out. She is her own individual and we highly encourage her to be herself, but I love seeing her with earrings on and lip gloss and putting her hair back to show her true beauty. She'll probably always be most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt and that is her personality and we love her just as she is. Still, I do love to see her at least a little dolled up. Her eyes are brighter and she has a soft glow about her.

Since Kendall had school yesterday and Jay and I worked all day and Kendall went to youth group last night, we didn't do much celebrating. When we got home from work, we let Kendall open her birthday present and card from us. We bought her Guitar Hero for her Nintendo DS. Neither of us even knew they had Guitar Hero for the DS, but Nicole had it with her when she was her for Thanksgiving. Kendall always has a long wish list when birthdays and Christmas come up and the game was not on her wish list, but she always enjoys playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero when she is at youth group, so we took a chance and she loved it! I am always thrilled when gifts we give are big hits. After Kendall opened her present, she went to youth group. She always looks forward to Wednesday nights and we didn't want to take that away from her. She had a great birthday. When we said prayers last night she said, "man, I don't want this day to end." We're so happy she had such a great day.

Tomorrow night we'll have a little party for her. She's going to have a few close friends over and we'll make some take and bake pizza from Albertson's (it's really good!) and put on some music while the kids eat. I'm baking a cake this afternoon and after they eat dinner they are going to play Uno Attack and watch a movie. Then, to continue the celebration, I am taking Kendall and her "boyfriend" Micah to see Twilight on Sunday. I haven't read the books and know very little about the movie, but Kendall and her friends are all reading the books and Kendall had the opportunity to go with Micah to a midnight showing before the official movie release and it was on a Thursday night so we did not let her go. Micah is such a sweetheart that he did not go either because he didn't want to see the movie without Kendall, so we promised we'd take them to go and see it. Jay is working on Sunday so I'll be on my own. Do you think I should sit between them so that I can keep an eye on his hands? Jay would love that! I don't think it's necessary though, Kendall assures me (quite often, because I ask her constantly) that Micah is a complete gentleman and would never touch her inappropriately. Wish us luck!
Oh, and happy birthday Kendall. We're so proud of you and your sister for the lovely young ladies you are both turning out to be.
Kendall's Mom and Rob and Grandparents sent presents with Nicole for Kendall to open. Here she is with her new sweater at the Knott's hotel
Her Grandparents bought her new earrings
Here she is reading the beautiful words her Daddy wrote in her card
Look at that silly smile!

Of course I had to make her a homemade card


  1. Looks like a fun celebration. Kendall's hair is really cute!! Happy Birthday, Kendall!



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