Saturday, December 13, 2008

LaChaine and Associates Christmas Party

Last night Dennis held the first annual LaChaine and Associates Christmas party. We had dinner at Firestone Walker Brewery in Buellton and it was an extremely fun party! Since the company is so small (Dennis Jr., Dennis Sr., Steve, Patrick and myself), there were only 10 of us for dinner. Patrick brought his girlfriend (who is the most adorable, sweet thing) and I got to meet Dennis's mother finally. She is extremely friendly and such a mom! I also got to meet Steve's wife and hang out with Dennis's wife Emily. If you follow this blog, you may recall that Emily and I worked together at C&D and she is the one who told me about this position working for Dennis. After a fabulous dinner we had a gift exchange and Jay and I ended up with two $25 gift certificates for Firestone Walker to go back and have dinner again! Steve doesn't read his email apparently (note to self!) so he felt guilty and went and purchased the gift certificates while we were at the restaurant. When we were finished we went back to Dennis and Emily's for some music and more visiting. Emily and I had a wonderful visit and Dennis picked Jay's brain. Everyone that I introduce to Jay ends up completely fascinated with him, which is not surprising to me, because obviously I find him fascinating. Even after close to 5 years together, the man totally fascinates me. I think that is a good thing :).

Marie, Dennis & Steve's Mom

You know who these people are!

Patrick and his girlfriend Ming-C

Steve and his wife Cathy

Team LAA

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  1. Hello from Oregon, great blog! I enjoyed reading about your many adventures. I am inspired by the Christmas Tea, I think I will suggest having one in our town at the Newport Chamber of Commerce or at church, it intrigued me to see all of the different designs at the tables. Alot of love went into those arrangements! Merry Christmas from the Newport and Toledo area, hope you continue the fun through the holidays!
    Barb ("Mrs. Slug")



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