Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Women's Christmas Tea at FCC

Last night I attended the Christmas tea at First Christian Church. Last year was the first year that I attended and I absolutely loved it! First of all, the hostesses make the most elaborate table decorations and the entire room is just filled with Christmas. Second of all, I get to hang out with some amazing women and visit and laugh and share. Third of all, the desserts are scrumptious and we get served by humble men in the church that love to serve. And last, but not least we get a wonderful message and fabulous music.
This year, my neighbor LeAnn picked me up. She lives across the street and we run into each other all the time at events at church and always ask each other why we don't carpool. I saw her last Thursday night at church. We were both helping put up Christmas decorations and decided that for the tea, we would carpool. It made the night even more fun. I went with her to pick up her mother, so I got to meet her and her brother also and we just got a lot of nice visiting in during the car rides. LeAnn and her mom were signed up for a different table so we didn't sit together, but we still got to spend time together throughout the evening. I sat at my friend Michelle Shuman's table. I absolutely LOVE her! We met at Pam's Stampin' Up workshops and have become friends. She moved up the street from me, so she's my neighbor also, and we serve in the coffee shop together on Sunday mornings so we've gotten to know each other quite well. Also at our table was Corey who I adore also! I met her at Pam's also and she recently started coming to our church. Danielle Chavez was at our table as well as 3 people that I met for the first time last night. We had a lot of fun at our table, laughing and sharing and enjoying the atmosphere.

The guest speaker/singer was Carole Brewer. She had so much energy!!!! She has a huge heart and we were glad she was there to share with us. Unfortunately the room was freezing and I was very sleepy so I didn't get as much out of the message as I would have liked, but it was still a wonderful evening all around. I might hostess a table next year but we'll have to see. All of the elaborate table decorations are so intimidating!

This is our table. Don't you love those dishes?

This photo doesn't do the table justice

VERY Christmas-y (is that a word?)

I LOVE the tree on this table. It was breathtaking.

This is Chris Shuman's table (Michelle's Mother in Law). Very classic.

I think the nutcrackers are so cute

This one is so elegant

This is our table. Michelle (our hostess) has the blue shawl on


  1. You're too sweet!!! I absolutely LOVE you too! ;) Thanks for posting the pictures! I forgot my camera, so I was excited to see this!

    And, I tagged you on my blog! hee hee! Hope you'll play along ;)



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