Friday, December 5, 2008

Kendall's Birthday Party

Kendall had a couple of friends over tonight and had a little birthday party. We just got some take and bake pizza from Albertson's and a cake and the kids were dropped off at around 6:45. They ate dinner and then had cake and presents and were going to watch a movie, but decided to music and dancing instead. After they danced the night away, they played a little Monopoly and are now in Kendall's room playing the guitar.

She has really nice, polite friends, which is such a blessing. And as nice as they are, she is even nicer! I can hear her in the other room being such a polite and gracious hostess. Jay and I have stayed in the back room to allow the kids to have their space, but the door is open so we can hear everything! I always wondered how my parents always knew what was going on. I now know that it was because I had no clue how sound travels!

Kelsey, Kendall and Stephen

Stephen made Kendall a CD of some favorite songs (mixed tape anyone?)

Kelsey's Mom made Kendall a necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet. She even made the box that everything was wrapped in and made the card on her computer. She's very creative!

Kendall making a wish

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