Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Only in CA

Can you go to the beach in December.....
I had to work today (poor me!) but Jay was off so he took Kendall and Nicole and Nicole's friend Maddie to Pismo beach to search for sea shells. Nicole told her friends back in Kansas that she would bring back some sea shells and today just happened to be a gorgeous day, so Jay took all 3 girls to Nipomo for some lunch and then took the new truck out onto the beach to try out the 4 wheel drive and then let the girls walk down the beach and collect shells. They had a wonderful time. After they finished collecting shells, they took the truck to the car wash and then visited Starbuck's and the pet store. Poor Jay. He keeps getting hounded by the girls to get a dog. I have to admit I've been getting the itch also. It would have to be the right dog for our family though and it's not easy to find just the right one. For now, we'll keep falling in love with other people's dogs until the right one for us comes along. I did miss being able to hang out with the family today, but I got a lot of work done and made some money, which is always a good thing :). I am just working a half day tomorrow and then I'm off for the rest of the week, so I should not spend too much time feeling sorry for myself!

Nicole and Maddie

I love this photo

Kendall holding her bag of shells

I'm assuming Maddie took this photo. I love the sun behind them.

The girls gave me these shells because they thought they looked like butterflies. Isn't that sweet?

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